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By accessing quotescollection.com you should be aware, in accordance with the terms hereof. If you do not agree with the terms of quotescollection.com, please do not use the site. quotescollection.com reserves the right to change at any time the conditions of use. quotescollection.com limits access only to those who agree and comply with the conditions of use. quotescollection.com reserves the right to limit access to any person at any time for any reason. You are fully responsible for the content you've added to quotescollection.com. The content published on this site does not represent the viewpoint of quotescollection.com, belief or opinion, represents the author's idea of the content. We, quotescollection.com, are against to any content that is unlawful, including but not limited to, offensive content , content that invades the privacy of others, threatening content, vulgar, obscene, intolerant, racist or otherwise objectionable content. If you find any content abusive content, please notify us by clicking here.

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When you accept the terms of quotescollection.com application, during the registration process, the following informations are imported from your facebook account: name, mail username, profile picture, user id. If you don't wnat your fullname and photo published on your profile, you must remove the following selections on the registration page: 1) show my name on my profile 2) show my picture on my profile name and photo are public information as a standard. Thank you for your attention quotescollection.com